Our History

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Grand opening of LAS in 1989. The school building is a townhouse with two floors. Dr. Esther Hanna (left of the podium) and Ms. Anna Lee are the co-founders of LAS.

LAS moved to shoe factory, 1990

Working in the "World Room" on a twenty-two by fourteen-foot relief map, 1990-1995

New Principal John P. B 1995-1996

1997-1998, Dec. New Principal Dr. Mark Myers. He helped to move the school to the new site

Change school logo, 1998

School offered dorm from 1998-2008

Earthquake, 1999

LAS has been working hard for two years to gain accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, 2000-2001

Parent Volunteer Association has support our school in so many ways, 2001-2002

High School Drama: The Importance Of Being Earnest, 2002-2003

This year, led by our drama teacher, Ms. Powlseland, the big school play "Grease", was presented on November 28 and 29, 2003


LAS logo designed by Dr. Esther Hanna 1989-1998

Puzzle made by parents, students, and teachers in a two-day workshop dedicated to clarifying what constitutes quality education at Lincoln American School, 1990-1995

The relationship between academic achievement and music has been convincingly established. LAS offerings included Suzuki Violin, instrumental ensembly, choir & handbells choir, 1990-1995

Arbor Day-Planted trees on the site of future campus, April, 1997

New school site, 1998 Jan

Contract with ISS, Jan 1999

New director Mr. Brian Lahan, 1999-2002

New principal, Barrie Findlater, 1999

New principal, Irwin Stein, 2002-2010

The MUN club is a new club at Lincoln American School, 2001-2002

TAIMUN 2003, many LAS students had their first ever MUN experience this year in conjunction with Providence University

Speech from the 15th Anniversary Celebration

Fifteen years ago, with limited resources and enormous curiosity, Dr. Esther Hanna and I took an adventure to establish a new American school for expatriates' children in Taichung. The school was located in a town house with three bedrooms. Outside the house, we had a small yard. When the officers of the Ministry of Education (or MOE) and the American Institute in Taiwan (or AIT) came to visit the school for the official approval, the AIT officer was so pleased to see a cage in our backyard and inside the cage, there was a rooster and a hen. He said that he had grown up on a farm and been able to go gathering eggs every morning. But it is not easy to share this experience with children nowadays, especially those children who grow up in a city. He thought that we had created a very precious educational environment for today's children; therefore he offered us an official approval immediately. However, the officers from MOE were a bit hesitant before they nodded their heads, since the limited facility of the school would not be approved if it were a Chinese school. At this moment, I realized the beauty of American education is its focus on the students' learning rather than on rules and regulations. On that day, my passion of running an American school was ignited and is still burning today.

During a journey of fifteen years with LAS, I learned American culture and its basic philosophy from daily contact with our teachers and administrators. This year, I am fortunate to be able to sit in the 11th grade American Literature class, and enjoy reading the masterpieces of many American writers, through the teaching of our most experienced English teacher, Mrs. Mary Stein. Through such enjoyable learning, we make our life different. I watched some students who have changed from being shy and timid to being bold and confident, from being silent to becoming very expressive, from being self-centered to becoming caring and concerned for others. These changes have made a great difference in our students' lives. This is the magic LAS has created for its students and even for me.

As the school grew I came through periods of excitement and desperation, moments of joy and tears, times of applause and criticism, occasions of welcome and farewell, just as one does as one's own children grow. All these circumstances and emotions make my life closely attached with LAS.

I appreciate the many generous persons who have been willing to dedicate their time or money or expertise to LAS. With their contribution, LAS was able to grow and develop both academically and in its physical setting. Dr. Mark Thelin worked as school board chair till the time he retired from his work in Taiwan. He assumed his responsibility as board chair and completely trusted me in running school business. I deeply respected his integrity and appreciated his trust. Dr. Esther Hanna is the co-founder of LAS, built the philosophy and set the cornerstone. She was the soul of the school at its beginning stage. Though she is not able to come and celebrate with us today, I would like to dedicate this moment to her with much appreciation. In addition to the persons already named, there are many who are not mentioned here. Parents, teachers, staff and administrators who were once part of the LAS team gave tremendous support as it was needed. It is these people who make history for LAS, it is time that they should celebrate their harvest, and it is they who should be applauded.

Now after sharing these precious memories, I ask myself what can I do for LAS at the next stage of its development, and I want to cry out to you, "Ride, boldly ride” come with me to seek for El Dorado, the elusive excellence that always lies just a bit further on.

Anna Lee
American School in Taichung

2004-2005 was very dynamic and fruitful year for the school newspaper, the Eagles' Eyrie

Fun Staff 2004-2005

Change school logo, 2005

New Name for a New Age, join one or more of our spring parent education seminars, 2005 April

TAIMUN Conference V, 2006-2007

AST MS Boys Soccer 1st place

Peace Day, or the International Day of Peace, was first celebrated in 2001 after a resolution submitted by the United Kingdom and Costa Rica passed in the United Nations General Assembly, 2008-2009


Lincoln's 15th Anniversary Festival was celebrated on the 17th of April, 2004

MS boys Volleyball Champions Girls Volleyball Champions.

AST Girls JVB Volleyball Champions

Playground remodel

Varsity Volleyball

The eight years at AST were so enjoyable and exciting that they flew by. It was wonderful to have the opportunity from 2002 until 2010 to help develop educational opportunities for the Taichung community. I recall fondly that decision to help redefine ourselves as an international school and not a language training center by changing our name; reaching consensus on offering a full Model United Nations curriculum to all students, establishing a regional conference center; and achieving full accreditation status. Most importantly, I remember and cherish the quality of relationships with so many individuals and the Taiwanese people themselves.

Looking back over forty years of teaching in overseas schools, I remember AST as the place that set the standard for excellence that informs my work with students learning English as a second or third language. AST seniors in reading and discussing the classics of British literature from Beowulf to Beckett, proved to me that those who aspired to attend the best universities would indeed be able to compete successfully with nattive speakers in prestifious post-secondary educational institutions. Their success was grounded in initiative, hard work and perseverance: it is my hope that the determined young men and women for Taiwan can and will continue to compete and contribute globally.

From 2002 To 2010

Irwin & Mary Stein
Former Principle & Teacher
American School in Taichung

Winter concert held by Mr. Michael Wiles, 2009-2010

2010 AST MS Boys Volleyball Champions


Gym Grand Opening. 2012-2013

TISSA, MS Boys Volleyball Champions, 2013-2014

Spirit Week: Crazy Hair Day, Twin Day, National Day, Disney Day

AST's 2nd Annual Carnival


Girls & Boys Basketball team Japan trip, 2009-2010

New Director-Andrew Corcoran, 2010-2017
"I'm excited about learning and I'm happy to be here"

AST Red Cross Team, attended CPR training, aim to help more people.

TAIMUN X, opening speaker by Ms. Anna Lee, Keynote speaker by Mr. Stein, "Happy 10th Anniversary of TAIMUN" 2011-2012

Interact Club, 2014

30 Hour Famine, For Children, For Change

TAIMUN XIII supported the United Nations Foundation's NothingButNets Campaign, 2015

Varsity Girls Volleyball got second place in the TISSA tournament, 2015

Library remodel, 2016


High school field trip to Li Bao, 2015

TAIMUN XIV suports the SE4All Campaign, 2016