This Wednesday our 11th grade English class ended our unit on transcendentalism with a mock protest. Henry David Thoreau is famous for his essay on Civil Disobedience and why it is important to stand up against unjust laws.

Students chose an issue that they care about and created a poster to raise awareness about the issue. Then they prepared statements about the issue and facts to support their claims. They also made connections to Transcendentalism by citing quotes from Thoreau or Emerson that related to their stance on the issue.

Kids created posters on issues such as windmill farms, motorbike safety, equality for all people, animal abuse and child abuse. One student promoted pride in one’s country and another student advocated for Mental health.

The students marched down Lincoln Way and stopped in front of C building inviting bystanders to ask questions about their chosen issues. The press showed up, thanks to Jarvis Watson and Lorenzo  Dombkowski.

We also enjoyed our “sit-in” in the warm sun.

Courtesy of Ms. Susan Kern

本週三,高中部11年級英語課於超驗主義單元下以模擬抗議的方式來進行課程。 Henry David Thoreau(梭羅)曾以關於公民不服從的論文而聞名,這也是為何堅持反對不公正的法律是很重要的。


他們還引用了Thoreau 梭羅或Emerson愛迪生的引言,有關他們在這個問題上的立場,從而與超驗主義連結起來。


學生們的抗議沿著林肯大道走下去,停在C棟大樓前,邀請旁觀者詢問他們所關心的議題。特別感謝Mr. Jarvis Watson和Lorenzo Dombkowski擔任媒體報導人員。


感謝 Ms. Susan Kern老師提供