30hrs Famine

Once again this year, AST interact club will be hosting 30hrs Famine event! This year it will be hosted on March 23rd to 24th, which is an overnight event, and it is a high school only event that will be hosting in AST gym. There will be a lot of fun activities and students will have an opportunity to know why people in poor conditions need food supply to stay alive. Everyone has to bring their own sleeping bags, cleansing tools, and some extra clothes to the event. Since school bus will not be provided, students have to figure out their own way to get home. Also,there will be Mr. Corcoran, Mr. Norton, and Ms. Madeline stay overnight with us too! Please let our officers know as soon as possible if you’re willing to attend this event. If you have any questions feel free to ask any officers from interact club! Thank you!

Interact club President (Christin Kim) email address: 18christink@ast.tc.edu.tw

Courtesy of Christin Kim ‘18


今年AST Interact Club (AST扶少團) 會再次舉辦飢餓三十的活動!今年我們將在三月23日星期四和24日星期五在AST的體育館進行這個活動。這個活動會有很多很有趣又刺激遊戲,並會讓每個學生知道那些處於貧困環境的人們多麽需要食物為生。由於我們將在學校過夜,每個人都需要帶個人睡袋,清潔用品和要換的衣服。由於當天沒有校車接送的服務,學生必須自己找方法回家。這次活動,我們將由Mr. Corcoran, Mr. Norton, 和Ms.Madeline留校陪伴大家 。如果對這個活動有興趣,請跟我們interact club的幹部們說一聲,有問題請隨時詢問我們interact club的幹部!謝謝!

AST扶少團團長 (Christin Kim) 電郵: 18christink@ast.tc.edu.tw

感謝11年級Christin Kim同學提供