The new policy at AST is to wear masks at all times except while eating.  This includes walking around on campus, in classrooms, during recess, and during PE class. 

While being physically active during PE and at recess, students may start to experience discomfort and/or difficulty breathing.  Students have been encouraged to recognize this, to move at a more appropriate pace while being active, and to step aside, at least 2 meters away from all of their peers, to take off their mask and have a “breather.”  Recognizing this, the unit choice/curriculum in PE has been adjusted for the end of the year to offer students opportunities to be active in a COVID-19 appropriate manner.  Further, Middle School classes have been split to reduce student numbers in the class in the same area.  As well, more outdoor activities and “spaced out activities” have been planned where we hope that students will be able to participate without a mask while being appropriately socially distanced.

Please reinforce with your child that masks need to be kept on to ensure the community's safety and when it is an appropriate time to remove their mask.


Yuri Melnychuk and Yasmin Pakzad-Mayer, AST PE Teachers


但在體育課堂上和下課時,學生都有可能感到不適並/或呼吸困難。所以我們鼓勵學生在當意識到自己有這狀況時,須調整自己的運動步調,保持適當的速度,並與其他同學維持至少2公尺的距離,脫下口罩好好的 “喘息”。也因為這一點,我們已調整了本學年末的體育課程單元,希望能為學生提供更適合COVID-19 防疫的體育活動。此外,初中生的體育課時間還與自習課搭配,以減少同一區域學生上課人數。同時,我們還計劃進行更多的戶外活動和 “間隔開的活動”,我們希望讓學生能夠保持好適當的社交距離並在不戴口罩的情況,也能參加活動。


感謝 體育組Yuri Melnychuk老師和 Yasmin Pakzad-Mayer老師提供