AST Athletics Update

It is hard to believe it but the end of the year is here. I am thrilled with the participation in competitive sport at AST this year! All students who have participated in sport and have played supporting roles for AST Athletics should be very proud!

I would like to thank our Taiwanese coaches for their help this year.

I would like to thank the following AST teachers who also coached this year. It is difficult as a teacher to take on additional duties but we would not be successful without your efforts. Thank you Matt Kowalski, Ms. Esme, Tom Connelly, Thomas Dodge, and Kendra Hansen for sharing your skills, good character, and teaching of sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect.

Thank you to Amber Yeh and Sunny Jan in the GAO for all their help this year!

Good luck to Mr. Corcoran as he is starting his retirement and thank you for the opportunity to be part of AST!

I will be continuing as an Athletic Director but at a different school in a different country. This will allow me to be closer to family which is very important for me.

Kendra Hansen will be taking over as Athletic Director for the 2017/2018 school year. She is highly qualified and very motivated to even further improve the competitive sport program at AST!

Stay healthy and enjoy your summer!

Sports Party Pictures

We'd like to send a big thank you to those that took pictures at the Sports Party. The Parent Association gave us over 400 pictures and 3 videos that we are making available to everyone to find and download your favorites.

The pictures and videos are shared here.

To access the pictures, you will need to use your student's AST Google account. We do not want to share these pictures with the entire world, just our AST family. Please do not repost pictures without the permission of those in the pictures.

Courtesy of Jeff Yacuk

AST Athletics


真不敢相信這學年已經到了結束的階段。一年來對於所有AST的體育競賽活動,我都抱著兢兢業業的心態來參與!  而這一年所有曾參加體育練習與比賽的同學們,以及所有的支持AST運動的參與者,大家都值得感到非常驕傲!


我也要謝謝AST兼任校隊教練的老師們。在日常教課、備課之餘,這些老師還撥出額外的時間帶領校隊練習與比賽,沒有他們的努力,同學們不會有今日的成就。謝謝Matt Kowalski, Ms. Esme, Tom Connelly, Thomas Dodge, 及Kendra Hansen老師無私地分享運動技巧、良好的品格,教導同學們體育精神、團隊精神和尊重他人。

還要謝謝總務室Amber Yeh及Sunny Jan這一年來的協助!

Mr. Corcoran即將展開他的退休生涯,祝福他也感謝他給我們大家能成為AST一份子的機會!


2017/2018學年的體育組長將由Kendra Hansen老師接任。她非常有資格且非常積極,她的帶領一定會讓AST的體育競技活動更有長進!





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