AST Athletics Update

Sport Party invitations were given to all students this week. All parents and students are welcome to come. This year’s Sports Party is at the Splendor Hotel. There will be a first-class dinner, a dance performance, a musical performance, and a raffle. Please come enjoy a pleasant evening as our athletes are recognized for their hard work this year. Please notify GAO of how many members of your family are coming. Fees are also accepted at GAO.

Middle School Basketball Games will be starting 4/24-4/28.

The players have been working hard at their practices and are ready to play!

Please check Google calendar for game information.

Varsity Boys Volleyball will travel to Kaohsiung American School for an all day tournament on Saturday 4/29.

Good luck to all the players!

JV Boys Volleyball will be playing an all day tournament at AST on Saturday 4/29.

Good luck to all the players!

Courtesy of Jeff Yacuk

AST Athletics


年度運動員榮耀之夜邀請函已於這星期發給所有同學,歡迎家長與同學們一起出席這項年度晚會。 晚會將在台中金典酒店進行,現場將有一流的餐點、學生舞蹈表演、學生樂曲演奏及摸彩活動! 最重要的是表揚我們的運動員們一年來的努力,歡迎大家一同共襄盛舉,給予同學們支持與鼓勵。請告知學校總務室您家庭將參加本晚會的人數,並將出席費交給學校總務室。

初中部籃球比賽將於4/24-4/28舉行。同學們都很努力的練球並已做好球賽準備! 各場次的比賽時間與場地訊息,請點閱學校體育活動行事曆



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