Chromebook Presentation with the PA

This presentation was shared with the Parent Association on Thursday regarding the plan to rollout One-to-One Chromebooks in the middle school starting in the 2017-2018 school year. Please direct questions and comments to Anthony Keen,

Chromebook Presentation Link:

Courtesy of Assistant Director: Anthony Keen

為家長會簡報學校Chromebook 計畫

學校利用這星期四家長月例會時間,向與會家長們簡報了2017-2018學年每位初中部同學都將擁有一部Chromebook筆電計畫。Chromebook 推行計畫簡報連結如下:

如果您有任何相關疑問或意見,歡迎直接與Mr. Anthony Keen ( )聯絡。

感謝副校長Mr. Anthony Keen提供