Reminder: Deadline to Notify Corcoran’s Economics Essay

If you are interested in participating Corcoran’s Economic Essay contest, please notify Assistant Director, Ms. Annie Tung, via email by next Friday, January 19. Please provide your name, advisor name, and project title and description to receive full 5 points. Notification is due Jan 15. Participation will be accepted through Jan 20 with points deducted if incomplete or submitted after Jan 15.

Courtesy of Annie Tung, Assistant Director


高中同學有興趣參加Corcoran基金舉辦的經濟學論文比賽者,請於下星期五1月19日前盡速透過email向副校長Ms. Annie Tung報名。報名時請提供參加者姓名,指導老師姓名,以及論文題目與簡述,在1月15日以前報名者,可獲全額的報名點數5點;1月16日起到1月20日前報名者,報名點數將逐日減少1點。

感謝副校長Ms. Annie Tung老師提供