Dear AST Family and Friends,

On behalf of everyone here on campus, we want to wish all of you a Happy Chinese New Year. Elementary parents, please join us on Tuesday for our Chinese New Year celebration. We hope everyone has a restful and wonderful vacation from school starting next Wednesday.

Have a productive short next week and a great break,

Anthony Keen 


If you have not done so already, please join the AST Line@ Group. This is our primary mechanism for school event reminders, bus change announcements, and other emergency information.

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Student Drop Off

If you are driving students to campus, please drop them off at the second gate, near the Lincoln Activity Center. There is more room there to safely drop off the students and not block other traffic. Our goal with student drop off is that all the kids are safely in class and on time.


Late Bus Days

Next Week

l   Monday, 2/12 - Yes

l   Tuesday, 2/13 - No (No after school clubs or activities)

Following Week

l   Wednesday, 2/21 - Yes

l   Thursday, 2/22 - Yes

l   Friday, 2/23 - No (as normal)


謹代表我們校園中的每一位,祝福大家新春愉快! 我們小學部將於2月13日星期二舉行慶祝農曆新年活動,請家長們也來與我們同歡。我們希望在2月21日星期三回到學校前,AST大家庭的每位成員都能夠好好放鬆身心,享受個美好的春節假期。





AST Line@是學校發布活動提醒、校車靠站時間異動和其他緊急事件等的主要聯絡管道之一。如果您還沒有加入,請趕快加入我們AST Line@群組。

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l   2/12星期一 : 有Late Bus

l   2/13 星期二:沒有Late Bus (也沒有任何放學後體育或社團活動)


l   2/21 星期三:有Late Bus

l   2/22 星期四:有Late Bus

l   2/23 星期五:沒有Late Bus (恢復平常)