Dear AST Families and Friends,

Thank you to all the families that participated in Family Fun Night. You can find a few pictures from the event here. An additional thank you goes to those parents who joined us for Tea Time with the Directors. It is important that we keep an open two-way dialogue with parents, who are our partners in educating our young people.

Ivan Kao Grade 4

Last Friday, we announced our 30th Anniversary Logo contest winner. The three top vote receivers are shown to the left.

These logos are being incorporated in different ways.

  • Ivan’s logo is being used on the flyers and online branding.
  • Rick’s logo was used as the backing of the Chinese New Year card.
  • Henry’s logo has not yet been utilized.

Rick Hsieh Grade 8

This year’s AST International Carnival flyer (pictured further down) was made by Christine Kao in grade 12 and incorporates Ivan’s logo.

Please congratulate and thank these contributors when you see them. We have so many amazing artists and performers at this school -- we are fortunate to be able to empower and celebrate them.

Henry Wang Grade 11

Call for Performers

On a related note, if any student, family member, or friend would be interested in performing at the AST International Carnival, please sign up here by February 18.

For any questions, please contact Ms. Amy Chang or Mr. Michael Wiles,

A Few Logistical and Procedural Reminders

Our 9th-grade students will take the PSAT on Wednesday, March 6 at school. In preparation for this, there are two PSAT Pre-administration opportunities:

  • PSAT Pre-administration session 1: Tuesday, Feb 26; 3:35 in the MPR
  • PSAT Pre-administration session 2: Wednesday, Feb 27; 3:35 in the MPR

If a student cannot attend these sessions, they should contact Ms. Wilson.

Student Absences

A few quick reminders related to absences:

  • We need contact from parents about absences (an email from the student is not sufficient.)
  • Ms. Claire should be the point of contact for all absences. Email:
  • Pre-arranged absences require that a form is taken to all teachers and submitted to the school secretary three school days before the absence. Without the completed form, absences will be marked unexcused.

Finally, we would like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year.

Have a great break,





左邊這件作品是由Ivan Kao, 4年級生, 設計的。這件作品在學校網頁上可以看到,已結合於AST國際嘉年華會的宣傳海報中。

左邊這件作品是由Rick Hsieh,8年級生,設計的。這件作品已印在今年AST"豬事如意"賀年卡師生團體照的背面一起寄出,向大家拜年並邀請大家參加AST嘉年華會。

左邊這件作品是由Henry Wang, 11年級生設計的,目前尚未公開利用。

這次的AST國際嘉年華會暨校園開放參觀日活動海報則是由12年級生 Christine Kao設計的,海報上並結合了Rick設計的30周年慶logo。

當遇到上述幾位同學時,請大家記得恭賀他們並謝謝他們,AST能有這麼多優秀的藝術家與表演者真好 -- 我們很幸運獲得他們授權使用作品並恭喜他們。


嘉年華會舞台將邀請學生,家庭成員或有興趣的朋友於今年的AST國際嘉年華會時上台表演。詳細說明請看嘉年華舞台那段由Mr. Wiles的說明請有興趣參加表演者,請於2月18日前在下列連結登記:

如有任何相關疑問請與 Ms. Amy Chang 或 Mr. Michael Wiles聯絡,


9年級同學將於3月6日星期三在學校參加College Board 的PSAT考試。 為了幫助同學了解PSAT考試,並做好事前準備,學校將於考前為9年級同學先辦兩場說明會,這兩次機會分別為:
PSAT Pre-administration session 1: 2月26日星期二下午3:35 於MPR舉行
PSAT Pre-administration session 2: 2月27日星期三下午3:35於MPR舉行
同學只要任選一天參加即可,9年級生如若這兩場連一場都無法來參加者,必須先與Ms. Wilson聯絡。



  • 學校需要收到家長的通知 (學生不可自行發電郵給學校請假)
  • 學校處理學生請假的專員為Ms. Claire,她的電郵信箱:
  • 除非突發事件,有預計請假的同學需再開始請假三天前到Ms. Claire處先拿請假單請家長及各科老師簽名後交給學校秘書讓校長簽名。如果學生請假單沒有事先填寫完成,缺席時段將可能被註記成曠課。



校長 金安東