Dear AST Family and Friends, 

We hope that everyone has as restful a spring break as possible. We are scheduled to return on Tuesday, April 7, to regular classes. 

Social Distancing & Caution

As situations around the world deteriorate, many Taiwanese are returning home. Some of these are siblings and friends of our students returning from college cancellations. While we are always glad to see these visitors, it is valuable to practice social distancing. This means keeping at least 2 meters away from others, especially those who recently entered the country, avoiding crowded spaces, wearing masks in public spaces, and staying at home as much as possible.

Practical Resources for
What We Can Do At Home

Ms. Pearson (yay, science) has found some excellent resources about germs, handwashing, and sanitizing at home.

Latest Government Information

The latest news from the government has stated that anyone now entering Taiwan will be put into quarantine and that Taiwan will not allow any visitors to enter the country. Only Taiwanese citizens and residents will be allowed to enter. 

They have also stated that anyone who leaves the country now, gets sick, and returns to Taiwan will not have many of the benefits and supports in place to help those who get sick and the Taiwan government will even resort to public shaming by printing your name in the newspapers.


Today, President Tsai has offered reassurance and a statement of thanks for cooperation with the measures that have been put into place. Taiwan is the world leader right now in managing this pandemic and we offer our thanks for their leadership.

As President Tsai has done, I would like to extend thanks to our community members. Many families are making challenging decisions related to travel, daily practices, and the intense question of making the best decision for the safety of their family and the community at large. Many families are carrying stress and anxiety not only for their safety here but for the safety of friends and family around the world. As a school, we are firmly committed to not placing our students in situations of unnecessary risk connected to COVID-19. We continue to work with families individually and privately as they make difficult choices. 

During Spring Break, we will continue to communicate as situations change and evolve. We remain prepared to transition back to online learning if the situation warrants that adjustment. Thank you for your support and care. We hope everyone has a restful break.

Have a great break,

Anthony & Annie

Saturday, AP Workshops

AM sessions generally will run from 8:00 to 11:30.
PM sessions generally will run from 12:30 to 4:00.
Please contact your teachers to confirm the exact times.

  • 4/11
  • AM - AP English Language, AP Calculus
  • PM - AP World History, AP Computer Science A
  • 4/18 - These sessions have been canceled.
  • AM - AP Physics
  • PM - AP Statistics
  • 4/25
  • AM - AP Microeconomics, AP Psychology
  • 5/2
  • AM - AP Computer Science Principles

Planning for 2020-2021

Here is the Year-at-a-Glance Calendar for 2020-2021. Please note that we are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation and that this may also impact the next school year.

Food & Drink Delivery

I sent an email to all of our students this week regarding food and drink deliveries to AST. We are only allowing food vendors to deliver to campus that we regularly work with. We have taken steps to ensure that the people preparing food for our students are doing so in a healthy environment and are physically healthy. We do not have any control over other vendors. Based on this, we are banning all other deliveries of food and drinks for students. The guard has been instructed to turn away food vendors attempting to deliver to students. If a student needs lunch, they should bring it from home or purchase school lunch. If a student needs to buy school lunch, they should see Ms. Amber in GAO. 






我們"自然科學"老師 Ms. Pearson 找到一些有助於大家了解病菌、洗手及居家消毒的影片,請點閱下面的連結:









校長  Anthony Keen 副校長  Annie Tung             


上午時段:通常由 8:00 至 11:30.
下午時段:通常由 12:30 至 4:00.

  • 4/11
  • 上午 - AP English Language, AP Calculus
  • 下午 - AP World History, AP Computer Science A
  • 4/18
  • 取消上午 - AP Physics
  • 取消下午 - AP Statistics
  • 4/25
  • 上午 - AP Microeconomics, AP Psychology
  • 5/2
  • 上午 - AP Computer Science Principles


請點閱 2020-2021行事曆總表 ,並請注意:學校持續密切注意新冠病毒防疫進展,若有需要可能會隨時調整學校行事曆。


AST對於訂購校外飲食餐點外送到校園來的規定,我已在這星期寄發給全體學生。我們只允許與學校有合作關係的廠商載運食物到校園來。對於與我們合作的廠商,我們已採取必要措施,以確保廠商為學生準備食物的人是在健康的環境中且身體健康的狀態下工作完成給我們的食物。至於其他廠商,我們則無法掌握他們的狀況。因此,AST禁止學生訂購外送餐點及飲料等食品到校。並已指示學校警衛拒絕外送員將食品送來給學生。如果學生需要午餐,則應自已從家中帶來學校或購買學校午餐。學生若需訂購學校午餐,請洽總務室 Ms. Amber。