Dear AST Family and Friends,

Thank you for making sure that students come to school wearing masks. We are all still adjusting to the current normal. During our decision making related to COVID-19, we have maintained these two priorities in this order:

  1. Safety of everyone at AST
  2. Academic achievement of our students

Everything else has been third. This has included the cancellation of numerous events that are part of our culture as a school. 

Based on these two foci, there is one thing that we haven’t yet triggered. This language has been at the bottom of the Year-at-a-Glance calendar for a very long time: 

Up to 5 additional days will be added to the end of the year in case of any emergency days.

We think that this situation sufficiently constitutes an emergency and we are adding those five days. We are doing this so that we have the time to maintain some of those things that might otherwise be canceled. This change means that:

  • The last day of the school year will be Wednesday, June 10, 2020.
  • The week of June 1 through June 5 will be a regular 5-day week continuing to alternate Day 1 and Day 2.
  • The last week will look like this: (so far)

  • Seniors
  • Graduation is moved to May 29
  • Last regular day is May 22
  • Graduation rehearsal is May 26, 27, 28
  • Senior finals or makeups is May 25, 26

  • Events to schedule
  • We are still working to schedule the Spring Concert and the drama performances that are cornerstones of the end of the semester for the school.
  • ES semester celebration is canceled due to COVID- 19 and the restrictions on social distancing requirements and restrictions. ES will showcase our learning for this semester in a different way and the teachers will let you know later how they will proceed. 
  • We anticipate MAPS testing to occur within the same three-week window that we previously planned.
  • ES/MS(G1-8) May 19-21, make up: May 22
  • HS (G9&10) May 26-28, make up: May 29

Thank you for remaining flexible as we adjust our calendar to best meet the safety and academic needs of students during this unprecedented challenge.  

Have a great week,

Anthony & Annie


  • 2020-2021 Registration Fee is due on April 30th, 2020
  • May 1 (Labour Day) is a regular school day
  • Everyone is required to wear a mask at all times, except when eating. Please prepare a few extra masks in case they are misplaced/wet/broken.

2020 HS STUGO Election



  1. AST大家庭每一份子健康安全
  2. 同學們的學術成就



Up to 5 additional days will be added to the end of the year in case of any emergency days.

(如有緊急需要,學校可於學年末最多增加 5天上課 )

考量因應COVID-19 防疫情況應足以構成緊急需要,這學年我們決定將增加上述的五個上課天,並利用多出來的上課天進行一些原本可能將取消的校園活動。我們調整的行事曆如下:

  • 本學年最後一天上課將是2020年6月10日星期三
  • 6月1日至6月5日那星期將繼續依循原日常Day 1、Day 2課表
  • 最後一星期的課表目前規劃如下:

  • 應屆畢業生
  • 畢業典禮 - 5月 29日
  • 正常上課最後一天 - 5月22日
  • 畢業典禮彩排日 - 5月 26, 27, 28日
  • 畢業考或補考 - 5月 25, 26日

  • 活動時程
  • 我們仍在努力安排春季音樂會和戲劇表演,這是學期末的兩大重頭戲。
  • 小學部的學習成果發表會因新冠肺炎防疫須保持社交距離等規定而取消。我們將以不同的方式來展示本學期小學生的學習成果,詳細執行方案老師們將在稍後告知您。
  • 我們將依先前的計畫進行 MAPS 測驗
  • ES/MS(G1-8) - 5月 19-21日,補考- 5月22日
  • HS (G9&10) - 5月 26-28日,補考 - 5月29日



校長  Anthony Keen 副校長  Annie Tung



  • 2020-2021學年註冊費匯款截止日於 2020年4月30日。
  • 五月一日(勞工節) 本校為正常上課日Day 2 Schdule。  
  • 每位學生與教職員都須整天戴口罩,除了用餐時間。請額外多準備幾個口罩以避免口罩不見/弄濕/破損。

2020 HS STUGO Election