Dear AST Family and Friends,

Until now, we have done two rounds of online learning and we have heard both positive and less positive feedback from parents across all grades. While some parents are content with the experiences and praised us for our precautions, others rated the experiences as less satisfactory.

Admittedly, there are some limitations of digital learning; some parents pointed out the lack of interaction between students and missing the all-English environment which is the main reason why they choose to send their children to AST. In addition, for families with younger students, parents needed to spend more time supporting and guiding them, which adds a level of stress to parents.

We want to let you know that your voices have been heard, and we do want to support you. As we announced in last week’s newsletter, we would like to extend the school year by adding several additional days. The added days will be used for instruction, interaction and school events, 

Please make sure to jot down the new dates and adjust your calendar. 

Have a great week,

Anthony & Annie


  • Monday, June 8, will not include any assigned work or interactive sessions except completing conferences (either student-led for MS/HS or parent-teacher for ES).
  • There will be no charge to parents for the additional services during these five days. If you previously used the bus or ordered lunches for the semester, these days are included at no additional fee.
  • Attendance will be taken on the days in question to insure the safety of our children. However, if students are unable to attend because of previous plans, parents should notify Ms. Claire and those absences will be excused.

Date Reminders

  • The last day of the school year will be Wednesday, June 10, 2020.
  • The week of June 1 through June 5 will be a regular 5-day week continuing to alternate Day 1 and Day 2.
  • The last day for students to turn in work is Friday, June 5, 2020.
  • The last week will look like this: (so far)
  • Seniors
  • Graduation is moved to May 29
  • Last regular day is May 22
  • Graduation rehearsal is May 26, 27, 28
  • Senior finals or makeups is May 25, 26

  • Events to schedule
  • We are still working to schedule the Spring Concert and the drama performances that are cornerstones of the end of the semester for the school.
  • ES semester celebration is canceled due to COVID- 19 and the restrictions on social distancing requirements and restrictions. ES will showcase our learning for this semester in a different way and the teachers will let you know later how they will proceed. 
  • We anticipate MAPS testing to occur within the same three-week window that we previously planned.
  • ES/MS(G1-8) May 19-21, make up: May 22
  • HS (G9&10) May 26-28, make up: May 29



不可否認地遠距教學存在一定的局限性。有些家長指出線上學習減少了同學間的互動, 還有家長表示他們當初選擇將孩子送來AST,就是希望給孩子一個全英語的學習環境,而線上學習無法達成此點。此外,對於有低年級學生的家庭,父母需要花費更多的時間來協助線上學習和指導孩子,這特別給父母雙方都要工作的家庭增添了相當程度的壓力。




校長  Anthony Keen 副校長  Annie Tung


  • 6月8日星期一,老師除了安排完成初/高中生的學生主導會議或小學生的親師懇談會外,沒有上課也沒有其他活動作業給學生。
  • 本學期延長5天結束,學校不會向家長要求支付這五天的任何費用,原來有搭乘校車或訂學校午餐的同學在這5天內如需搭乘校車或用學校午餐,都不需另外繳費。
  • 為學生安全考量,延長結束這幾天,學校仍須注意學生的出缺勤, 如果您孩子因有其他計畫無法到學校時,請家長必須先通知學校行政人員 Ms. Claire,這樣學生在這5天的缺席才會列入公假處理。


  • 本學年(期) 最後一天上課將是2020年6月10日星期三
  • 6月1日至6月5日那星期將繼續依循原日常Day 1、Day 2課表
  • 學生繳交本學期作業的最後一天是2020年6月5日星期五
  • 最後一星期的課表目前規劃如下:

  • 應屆畢業生
  • 畢業典禮 - 5月 29日
  • 正常上課最後一天 - 5月22日
  • 畢業典禮彩排日 - 5月 26, 27, 28日
  • 畢業考或補考 - 5月 25, 26日

  • 活動時程
  • 我們仍在努力安排春季音樂會和戲劇表演,這是學期末的兩大重頭戲。
  • 小學部的學習成果發表會因新冠肺炎防疫須保持社交距離等規定而取消。我們將以不同的方式來展示本學期小學生的學習成果,詳細執行方案老師們將在稍後告知您。
  • 我們將依先前的計畫進行 MAPS 測驗
  • ES/MS(G1-8) - 5月 19-21日,補考- 5月22日
  • HS (G9&10) - 5月 26-28日,補考 - 5月29日