Dear AST Family and Friends,

We are left with two full weeks of academics followed by conferences and celebrations. That said, the first celebration is next Friday at 6:00 pm where we honor the accomplishments of our seniors at their graduation. This year, we are pulling together three major events into one evening. Along with Graduation, we are hosting the annual Senior Parents’ Dinner and the High School Prom. These three events will all be held at the Lin Garden. Spaces are limited; please contact us if you have not yet reserved a space for any of these events.

We have one safety reminder regarding student drop-off and pick-up. As much as possible, please have students enter and exit from the passenger side of the vehicle. As the weather gets worse, students entering and exiting vehicles on the driver side of the vehicle are at greater risk for slipping and falling or colliding with another vehicle. If a student must enter or exit on the driver’s side, please help them to exercise extreme caution.

This week, we are almost completing our spring MAPS testing for our students in the elementary and high school. The HS students in grades 9 and 10 will take their MAP tests in Language Usage and Reading on Wednesday and Thursday next week--May 27-28--with a make-up day on Friday, May 29. As a reminder, this assessment is given three times per year and includes three sections (Reading, Language Usage, and Math). These adaptive tests attempt to determine a proficiency level for your student and that is communicated as a RIT score. These scores are further supported by three subscores for each test to help show relative areas of strength and growth. These results are tracked throughout your student’s time at AST painting a picture of their learning. This data is used to inform instruction in the classroom. Teachers use the data along with their own in-class assessments to monitor and track their students over time. NWEA provides norming data comparing our students to students from around the world in the same grade levels and RIT bands to help us see how our students are doing compared to the rest of the world. Overall, AST’s data has shown better than average results in Reading and Language Usage and top-tier results in Mathematics. Your advisory teachers can help you look at the specific results for your student.

Have a great week,

Anthony & Annie

                     Anti-smoking workshop held by the Health Center of Bei Tung at AST on May 22, 2020.

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本週,我們將完成春季MAPS測試。高中部九年級和十年級的學生將於下周三27日與下周四28日進行MAP測試 (下周可能還有一些零星的補考) 。 提醒大家,學生的這項評估每年進行3次,包括三個部分: 閱讀,語言使用和數學。這些適應性測試目的在根據等值不變的評價標準精準測出孩子的學習成長,以RIT值的形式於報告中表現出來。這些測試分數由每個測試的三個子分數進一步分析,以幫助顯示學生實力和成長的相對區塊。孩子的測驗結果可以讓我們追蹤並進一步規劃讓他們在AST能獲得最好的學習經歷。這些數據可用於課堂上的教學,老師將測驗數據與自己的課堂評量結果一起使用,以隨著時間的推移觀察並追踪學生的變化。 NWEA組織提供的規範數據將我們學生與世界各地同等年級和RIT值的學生進行比較,以幫助學校了解我們學生與世界其他地區學生相比的表現。總體而言,數據顯示AST學生在閱讀和語言使用方面的分數約較一般平均水平略高一些,而在數學方面的分數則普遍高於其他地區學生。學生或家長可以詢問班導,請他們幫助您查看個人具體MAP測試成績。


校長  Anthony Keen 副校長  Annie Tung

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