Dear AST Family and Friends,

Today is our high school graduation. We wish our seniors the best as they embark on their next adventure. Back on campus, next week is our final week of academics. There are no special schedules--we are finishing off standards and checking off the last learning targets. 

Outside of the classroom, next week will be big for scheduling. Ms. Wilson is working her way through the high school students and the middle school request forms are going out today. Please submit the middle school forms by the end of the day on Tuesday so that we can build middle school schedules on Wednesday.

If you haven’t already, it is also time to look at using your summer well. Our first focus is always on reading and we have included a letter from our English teachers about summer reading below. This summer is also a great opportunity to take an online class, job shadow, or volunteer. Don’t miss this chance to explore those areas of interest. Find those passions and turn them into action. #Passion2Action

Have a great week,

Anthony & Annie


今天是我們高中畢業典禮日。祝福我們所有應屆畢業生都順利踏出下一階段的燦爛旅程。校園內,下星期將是本學年課業的最後一周。下星期課表如常,沒有特別課表 - 我們正在完成一般標準課程及最後的學習目標。

課堂之外,下週的重點將是在下學年課表安排。Ms. Wilson老師正在繼續處理高中生的課表,而初中生的選課表今天也將寄出。請初中生在星期二結束前提交選課表,以便我們在星期三可以開始製定初中生課表。

如果您還沒有暑期規劃,現在應該是時候決定如何好好利用暑假了。暑假計畫的首要重點就是"閱讀",下面我們附上學校英文老師們關於暑期閱讀的一封信供您參考。另外,暑假也是同學參加線上課程、實習工作或擔任志願服務者的絕佳機會。同學們不要錯過探索這些自己感興趣領域的機會,找出自己熱情並將其轉化為行動。 #Passion2Action


校長  Anthony Keen 副校長  Annie Tung