Dear AST Families and Friends,

Last weekend, our teachers worked with a trainer from NWEA to better use MAPS data to differentiate instruction within the classroom. This concept is part of our commitment to meeting the needs of each and every student at AST. Thank you to all the teachers that gave up weekend time to improve their craft. 

Last Sunday, we held a VEX practice event at AST. It was a fun experience for all involved. We are preparing to host Tai-VEX this fall including schools from around Taiwan and special guests from the States. There is still time to get involved with robotics in general or Tai-VEX specifically. 

On Tuesday, 1 October at 4:00 pm, high school parents are invited to come talk to us about our robotics and MUN opportunities. 

Next Friday, is the end of the first quarter and a half day. We will be working on Friday afternoon to get those grades completed and set out quickly thereafter.

Have a great week,




上週日,我們在AST舉辦了一場VEX機器人練習賽活動。對於所有參與者來說,這都是一次有趣的經驗。接下來我們將於11月主辦Tai-VEX機器人競賽,我們將邀請包括台灣各地的學校和來自美國的特邀嘉賓。想要參與首屆Tai-VEX大賽一般事務工作或組隊參加者,現在都還有時間加入,歡迎直接與Mr. Patrick Herding 老師聯絡。




校長  金安東