Dear AST Families and Friends,

We would like to start by congratulating our JV Girls Volleyball team for winning their tournament at AST this past weekend. Their teamwork, positive attitude, and ever-improving skills are fun to watch. We took a brief moment to pause and honor them before the entire high school.

This week is the end of the first quarter. We will be getting report cards out to students and parents as quickly as possible over the coming days. We are working to get the reports out more quickly than in the past, but we cannot speed the process at the cost of the quality of meaningful information for students and parents. We are seeking the perfect balance.

October is an especially busy month. 

This weekend, our teachers will be in a two-day professional development workshop around proficiency-based grading and high-quality feedback and reporting. 

Afterward, they will join the students in the restful fall break next week. 

On Saturday, October 12, we will host our first ACT assessment. ACT is a common alternative to the SAT in the U.S. and some students can perform much better on that assessment.

We return to regular classes on Monday, October 14th.

On Wednesday, October 16th, our 10th- and 11th-grade students will take the PSAT in the morning at school. 

October 17th is the next PA Meeting--finalizing the plans for the Halloween Activities and talking about Thanksgiving.

October 18th is the start of HSINMUN, our first MUN trip of the year. This is also the next half day.

The week of October 28th is Spirit Week culminating in our Halloween Activities on November 1. During this week, Anthony and Annie will also be away at the annual EARCOS Leadership Conference. 

There are a lot of valuable things packed in along with our academic learning in the month of October.

Have a great break,



首先,讓我們祝賀AST JV女生排球隊在上週末為我們贏得了國際學校聯賽的冠軍。很高興看到她們不論在團隊合作、積極態度和不斷提升技能各方面都有很好的表現。學校也特別在今天撥出一點時間,讓全體高中生一起集會來表揚 JV女排隊員們的成就。



這個周末,老師們將參加在AST舉行為期兩天的國際學校教師專業發展研討會,內容是關於如何基於學生學習熟練 度來評分以及給予高質量的反饋和報告。


10月12日星期六,學校將首度舉辦ACT測驗。 ACT也是一種美國大學入學標準測驗,在美國是常見替代SAT的選項,有些學生參加ACT測驗的表現會比參加SAT測驗好得多。




10月18日星期五是我們今年首次的學生MUN(模擬聯合國會議) 之旅 : HSINMUN的開始。這天也是上半天課表,學生將於午餐後離開學校。

10月28日開始將有維持一星期的AST精神週,11月1日星期五將舉行的萬聖節活動,則是AST精神週的結束。同樣在這一週,Anthony校長和Annie 副校長預計將出國參加年度EARCOS 領導力會議。



校長  金安東