Dear ES Parents,

The last day of after-school activities (classes) is next Thursday, May 25. Thank you for your support!

Late bus will be available till Thursday, June 1. Please inform your child's homeroom teacher and me if child care is needed during this gap time.

Thank you and I look forward to meeting everyone again soon! 

Sincerely yours,

Elementary After School Program

Evelyn and Jonah 


小學部課後活動將在下周四5/25告一段落, 這一年來非常感謝您的支持與配合;而由於晚班巴士持續提供到隔周星期四(6/1), 若您有需要孩子照護的部分請提前通知孩子的班導師和我們, 再次感謝您和期待明年與您再見!