ES Science Fair

On Friday March 10th we held the annual ES Science Fair.  Every student from Grade 1 to 5 participated.  Students completed their own experiments according to the scientific method and presented their findings.

Grades 1-3 completed group projects, Grade 4 completed pair projects and Grade 5 completed individual projects.  Some Grade 2 students also decided to complete their own projects.

The experiments investigated things like what color M&Ms melt the fastest, how good and bad words affect plant growth, and what type of toothpaste is the most effective.

Parents, teachers and older students viewed the boards and asked questions about the experiments.

All participants were recognized.  The following students were awarded for their excellent work, as judged by Ms. Hansen and Mr. Dodge:

Grade 3 Best in Class -  Jeff Foo, Tariq Ramadhan and Eilts Liao

Grade 4 First - Tucker Nono and Kaitlyn Joubert

Grade 4 Second - Hansel Chen and Clara Chou

Grade 4 Third - Angel Weng and Sandy Chen

Grade 5 First - Nolan Joubert

Grade 5 Second - Yunji Lee

Grade 5 Third - Evelyn Chow

Courtesy of Mr. Tom Connelly




同學們的科展實驗包羅萬象,例如: 哪一種顏色的M&Ms巧克力融化得最快? 對著植物說好的語詞與不好的語詞,會如何影響植物的生長? 哪種型態的牙膏最有效率?


所有參展作品都獲得很高的認可。下面是由Ms. Hansen及Mr. Dodge兩位科學老師評選出的得獎名單:

3年級最佳作品 - Jeff Foo, Tariq Ramadhan 與 Eilts Liao

4年級第一名作品 - Tucker Nono 與 Kaitlyn Joubert

4年級第二名作品 - Hansel Chen 與 Clara Chou

4年級第三名作品 - Angel Weng 與 Sandy Chen

5年級第一名作品 - Nolan Joubert

5年級第二名作品 - Yunji Lee

5年級第三名作品 - Evelyn Chow

感謝Mr. Tom Connelly老師提供