As a student who has attended myriad conferences all over Taiwan, and some overseas, I believe it is imperative to look further into the world for MUN experiences. Not only to gain experience but also acquire and refine our collaboration and communication skills at a MUN event. As the oldest and one of the most prestigious Model United Nations conferences in the world, Berkeley MUN provides not only what are considered the bread and butter of MUN conferences, lobbying, and debating, but also presents a more holistic approach to the model united nations experience. Albeit held on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley, BMUN extends the scope and help for participating students by providing in-depth position paper feedback, interactive media, and educational blogs prior to the conference. They even hold micro-lectures led by professor speakers who are experts in their respective fields. In my opinion, the conference, per se, isn’t the most important, but rather the experience of traveling abroad, collaborating and communicating with like-minded students, gaining insight and information about potential colleges of interest, experiencing the culture and environment of studying abroad, and most importantly internalizing a global perspective to prepare ourselves for the ever-changing world. 

Courtesy of James Lai, class of 2022

作為一個參加過台灣各地和海外許多模擬聯合國會議的學生,我仍認為更進一步參與MUN的經驗是必須的。我們不僅可以藉由參加MUN獲得參與國際活動經驗,而且還可以因此讓我們磨練與他人協作和溝通技巧。 美國柏克萊模擬聯合國大會(BMUN) 是世界上歷史最悠久,最負盛名的模擬聯合國會議之一,BMUN不僅被公認為舉辦MUN會議、遊說和辯論的基礎楷模,而且還為參與會議者提供了更全面的作法及經驗。BMUN大會雖然是在加州大學柏克萊分校校園內舉行,但在大會前,BMUN會提供給參與者深入的立場論文反饋,互動媒體和教育性博客,從而擴大幫助參與學生參與的範圍。他們甚至舉行由各自領域的專家教授的演講會主持的微型講座。我個人認為,參加會議本身還不是最重要的,難得的是有機會出國旅行且與志趣相投的同學進行協作和交流,及獲得有關自己感興趣大學的見識和信息,親身體驗大學文化和環境;最為重要的,是讓自己能將全球視野內化,為面對瞬息萬變的世界做好準備。

感謝11年級 James Lai同學提供