Open for Application

AST is currently accepting applications for Grade 1 to Grade 12 for the 2020-2021 school year. Please submit your application by Thursday, April 30, 2020 for guaranteed consideration. The new school year is scheduled to start on Monday, August 3, 2020.

Special notice:

Age restriction: The applicant must be 6 years old by August 31 of the school year to enter Grade 1.

Passport restriction: AST can accept only those students who have a valid passport from countries other than the Republic of China (Taiwan) and People's Republic of China (Mainland China).

A Hong Kong/Macau passport holder may qualify if a parent also holds a Hong Kong/Macau passport and has legal working status in Taiwan. The parent needs to submit either a working permit or a letter from his/her employer in Taiwan.

Philippine passport holders need to show their visa page with the customs stamp.


台中美國學校正開放新學年的就讀申請, 有意願申請轉入者都可傳送報名資料。國小到高中皆開放申請, 但因每一個年級的新生名額不一, 建議在四月底前傳送報名資料, 以獲得最佳入學機會。 2020-2021學年預計在8月3日星期一開學。


年齡: 申請就讀國小一年級者, 申請者須在開學當年八月底前滿實歲六歲。

護照限制: 學生就讀台中美國學校需持有合法之外國護照。我們可接受任何外交部認可之國家護照, 但不接受中國大陸及台灣護照。

香港或澳門居民收聘僱在台灣地區工作者, 其子女可以就讀本校。申請者除須出示家長與學生的護照外, 還需出示家長在台工作之正式證明。

持菲律賓護照者, 須出示護照上台灣海關所蓋的出入境章。