Summer Camp 2017

Dear Parents,

We are putting together an incredible program for our summer camp. We will have art, theater, robotics, mindfulness and more...all in a completely immersive English environment. Sign up now and receive an early bird discount!!! Or register with two other people and get our group discount. We hope to see you this summer at our 2017 Reach For the Stars Summer Camp!!!

Please visit our website for more information: AST Summer Camp 

Courtesy of Summer Camp Assistant Director: Aimee Eppel 

2017 暑假夏令營


今年夏令營我們安排了一套非常棒的課程,內容涵蓋了:藝術、劇場、機器人、正念冥想等等。最重要的,還是貫徹以完全英語環境進行教學。請家長盡快為孩子報名,即可享有早鳥優惠!!!  或是邀約親朋好友一起團報,三人以上皆可享有團體報名優惠。 期望在2017”夢想星”旅程夏令營中見到您 !!!


感謝夏令營副主任Aimee Eppel老師提供