On Sunday, Sept. 22 team AST-onishing hosted our first VEX robotics scrimmage.  The students and parents did a FANTASTIC job of getting all of the fields setup and materials prepared. Thomas Yen and Ruby Shih were in charge of the tournament manager software, and the system was not cooperating.  But they persevered and got the bugs worked out of the program. 

Eric Lu, Max Shih, Yuan Yuan Chan, and Jason Liao have been busy building, programing and redesigning their robot to prepare for the challenge. ASTONISHING Team A was the only team to have a successful autonomous program.  Alan Lin has new teammates in Joseph Tang, Ian Chiang, and John Kao.  They work extra hours to get a cube lifting mechanism built but are still working on the autonomous program.  They were able to get a cube in the low tower.

Teams from Pacific American School in Hsinchu helped with field reset and scorekeeping, while teams from Turtles robotics studio and from Pu Tai Senior High School in Taichung did their best on the driver-control portion of the challenge.  Everyone learned a lot and came away from the scrimmage with a list of things to work on before our November 23, TAI-VEX Tower Takeover competition. 

Courtesy of Mr. Partick Herding

9月22日星期六,台中美國學校AST-onishing機器人社首度舉辦了一場VEX機器人競賽。所有參與場地佈置與器材準備的同學和家長們傑出的表現真是太棒了。其中,Thomas Yen和Ruby Shih兩位同學負責競賽系統軟體管理,雖然系統一開始失效,但他們還是堅持不懈,並修正程式來配合完成。

我們學校的Eric Lu, Max Shih, Yuan Yuan Chan和 Jason Liao幾位同學在場中,忙著建立程式,重建機器人來接受挑戰。他們的ASTONISHING A隊是唯一全場唯一做到成功自動化程式的隊伍。 另外,Alan Lin新加入和 Joseph Tang, Ian Chiang 及 John Kao同隊,他們多花了很多時間構建程式自動推疊機制,讓他們能夠在低塔中得到一個立方體。


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