Since it began, our AST Carnival has got bigger and better with each passing year. This year is no exception, and on our 30th anniversary, we’re excited to announce that we have included an open mic stage to make this day even more special. What does this mean? It means that musicians and performers from our school community will have the opportunity to perform live on stage with microphones and sound equipment provided. Who can perform? Individual performers or groups are all welcome; this includes students, teachers, family, and community members, young or not so young. Does it have to be music? No, it could be dance, comedy, improv, or even magic shows. How do I sign up?

You can sign up here:

Just make sure you get it back to us by February 18th.

Courtesy of Dr. Michael Wiles

AST嘉年華自開辦來,每年都越來越好越精彩。今年也不例外。在AST成立30週年之際,我們很高興地宣布,今年嘉年華會場將搭設一個開放有麥克風和音響設備的舞台,讓今年的活動變得更加特別。  什麼意思呢?  就是意味著我們AST大家庭的音樂家和表演者們,都將有機會在舞台上現場演出,由學校提供麥克風、音響設備和專業音控。那麼,誰能表演呢?不論是個人表演者或團體,我們都歡迎;這包括了學生,教師,家庭成員和AST大家庭的朋友們,不論年輕或不那麼年輕的人都可以參加。有必須是音樂表演嗎? 不,可以是舞蹈,喜劇,即興表演,甚至魔術表演等。 如何報名參加呢? 您可以連結下列網頁報名:


感謝Dr. Michael Wiles 提供