Thank you, parents and guardians, for turning in the Registration Form. We are happy to learn that most families will be returning for the 2020-2021 school year. For the families who will not be returning, we would like to do our best in supporting you to have a smooth transition. You can download your child’s previous report cards (from the school year 2018-2019) through Alma: this function can be found by clicking the “report cards” tab. The final report card for this semester will be published on Monday, June 15. If you would like us to forward your child’s report card records to his/her new school, please send your request to the school Registrar Ms. Claire at

The admissions process of recruiting new students is going very well. Our incoming G1 class is close to full. The 2020-2021 school year will set a new milestone for AST! Previously we have had alumni come back and work for the school, and for the new school year, we are going to have an alumnus from our first graduating class become an AST parent! Mr. Lin decided to send his child to AST for the new school year because when he studied at AST (formerly named Lincoln American School), he enjoyed the small classes and the strong connection between all members of the school community; he wants the same thing for his child. We are honored to have been chosen to serve this family for two generations!

Courtesy of Ms. Amy Chang

親愛的家長與監護人, 您好!

感謝您繳回下學年的註冊意願調查表, 我們很高興得知大部分的家庭將繼續就讀, 對於必須要轉走的家庭們, 我們也想盡力提供協助, 以確保同學有個平順的轉換。 想提醒您, 若要收集同學2018-2019到現在的成績單, 可以使用 Alma學務系統的 report cards 頁面, 這裡可以直接下載。本學期的期末成績單訂於在6月15日發布 (畢業班有不同的時程), 如果您希望由學校直接將同學的資料轉寄給新學校, 請您發送電郵告知註冊組 Ms. Claire ( 謝謝您!

至於招募下學年新生的部分,一切進行得很順利。新開設的G1這班即將額滿,2020-2021新學年也將為本校設下新的里程碑! 之前我們已有畢業生返校任職,而在下個學年,我們將有畢業生以家長的身分重回 AST。Mr. Lin 是本校的第一屆畢業生(時稱林肯美國學校) ,他因喜歡AST提供的小班教學與全校緊密連結的情感,所以決定將小孩也送來AST 就讀。我們非常榮幸可以為此家庭兩個世代提供教育服務 !

感謝Ms. Amy Chang提供