CONGRATULATIONS to ASTonishing A and ASTonishing B, your hard work and dedication paid off!!  Dec. 6-7 at Taipei American School both teams from AST performed well under pressure.  Coaches from Vietnam, Kuala Lumpur, and Taipei American School complimented them on their robot design and their performance. Team B had a few losses early in the round-robin competition, but peaked at the right time, going into the elimination round they were on a winning streak.  They were awarded the Think Award for their performance and a well documented autonomous program.

Team A learned a lot from the Mankato West visit and took their performance to another level. They were the highest-ranked team at the tournament!  Going into the finals they had already qualified for the VEX Worlds Competition by scoring the tournament-high 57 points for the Skills Championship.  They lost a tough battle against Raid Zero J from Taipei American School and Mad Max from the International School of Manilla in the best of 3 finals.  During the awards ceremony team A qualified again for VEX Worlds by earning the Excellence Award!  This is the second year in a row for ASTonishing A to go to Louisville, Kentucky for the VEX Worlds competition.  They are excited to spend the last week in April at Worlds, meeting new friends and hanging out with the teams from Mankato West.

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the teams.

Courtesy of Mr. Patrick Herding

恭賀ASTonishing A和ASTonishing B機器人隊,你們的辛勤工作和奉獻精神都得到了回報!! 上星期,12月6日至7日兩天,我們AST的兩組機器人隊在台北美國學校表現得非常好。來自越南、吉隆坡和台北美國學校的教練們對AST代表隊的機器人設計和性能都還表示了讚賞。我們 B隊在循環賽前期失了一些分數,但在適當的時候翻轉分數達到頂峰,進入了淘汰賽取得連勝。他們出色的表現獲得了本競賽的“Think Award”獎。

ASTonishing A隊則是從上次 Mankato West 來AST的訪問中學到了很多東西,進化後的他們,表現又提升到了另一個水平。他們是這次比賽中排名最高的一隊!在一路挺進決賽後,他們獲得技能冠軍比賽最高的57分,也因而獲得了參加明年VEX世界級競賽的資格。這次在三場的決賽中,他們與台北美國學校的Raid Zero J和馬尼拉國際學校的Mad Max都進行了艱苦的戰鬥,最後,我們的A隊再次獲得“Excellence Award”,從而有資格參加VEX Worlds!這是ASTonishing A連續第二年將前往肯塔基州路易斯維爾參加VEX Worlds比賽。很高興他們明年四月的最後一周將在VEX Worlds的比賽中度過,他們又可結識新朋友,並與Mankato West的團隊一起聚會了。


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